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(Updated 19/09/2023)

General Information
All  design work is price individually and tailored to your needs.

I request information on design style, images of styles to your taste are useful, colour schemes and likes/dislikes for your design.

Information and content for stationary, websites etc should be provided in a written format, preferably on a word document but not essential. Design content must be provided by the customer, this is not included in the design cost.

Any product images to be added to websites or leaflets must be provided by the customer, the quality of images is solely customer responsibility.

Turnaround time for proofs is varies depending on workload, this will be discussed at the time of booking.


Once a proposal is issued it is valid for 30 days, issue date will be shown on your proposal.

If you do wish to proceed, please contact me prior to making any upfront payments if your proposal has expired.



50%  payment is required upfront with the remaining balance due 30 days from initial payment date. Any outstanding design work will continue until completion.


Regarding fonts, I am happy to provide typography information to you, but I will do so at the conclusion of your order when the design is finalised. I do not, and cannot, provide font files to you as a part of your order. You must purchase the fonts so that they are licensed to you.



Revision Policy
If, at any point during your order, I determine that your requests are outside of the scope of what you have paid for, I will provide written notice to you of our recommendation that your order be transferred to an hourly rate. 

Excessive revisions, changes to finalised files, requests to re-design items, excessive requests to modify your order from what was previously discussed, or excessive indecision may result in your order being converted to an hourly rate.



Revisions Allowed
Custom logo designs include a ‘reasonable’ quantity of amendments. I work incredibly closely with customers to ensure each step meets your needs and I always aim to create the perfect design for your business.

If the design changes style from that originally discussed I reserve the right to charge for further amendments.

I do not limit the number of changes but must stipulate that should I deem the amendments are becoming excessive I will discuss this with you prior to charging any additional fees.

Policy on Concept Deviation, Indecision, Lack of Communication, Excessive Absence/Time Lapses, Abuse
At any time, I may halt the branding and request that you reevaluate if I feel that the process has gotten off track or too many changes that deviate from the original idea or concept have occurred. 

You may be presented with the opportunity to choose a design that has been presented to you based on your specifications.

Regarding lack of communication, excessive absences not previously communicated or major lapses of time in the branding/website process, at any time we reserve the right to terminate the client-designer relationship at any time with no refund and the option to finalise previously presented files.

Layer files and design elements 

I do not provide layered or editable logo files, nor do I provide the graphics in any of my logos as stand-alone items. I maintain strict policies to ensure that I meet any licensing agreements with artists that I work with.

Font Licenses

I do have access to a large font library, however, should you wish to use a specific font this would need to be added to the cost of the design.

I cannot provide font files to you as a part of your order, therefore you must also purchase the fonts so that they are licensed to you if you wish to carry any design work of your own.

Should I use a font from my existing library, I am happy to provide typography information to you, but I will do so at the conclusion of your order when the design is finalised. Again, I do not, and cannot, provide font files to you as a part of your order. You must purchase the fonts so that they are licensed to you.


What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround time varies for each project and this will be discussed prior to work 
commencing. Timeframes are subject to change, should this be the case you will of course be informed with as much notice as possible.

Disclaimer & Client Responsibility
All designs provided to clients are based on client-designer discussion. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure your business name is cleared & that the logo & branding (if applicable) does not bear similarity to the branding of similarly named businesses or related industries.


Pre-made logos are re-sold, and may not be trademarked or considered one-of-a-kind or unique. Custom logo & branding orders are based solely on information that a client provides, and designs are created from based on that information. No designs provided as reference will be duplicated.


General Branding Policies
All custom logo design and business branding packages involve hours of research and work prior to beginning your designs which is why once the 50% upfront payment has been made, your order is no longer eligible for a refund, at all.

When working on branding packages logo designs are fully proofed and finalised before moving on to any additional branding. Once the logo design is finalised and branding work has begun any further amendments to your logo will be chargeable at an hourly rate.


Printed Materials

Jemma Farmer Graphic Design is not liable for any issues that may arise when you send your items to print, or if you design items on your own with the logo + other materials I provide. I require printer’s specifications when designing any printed materials and will ensure that the final files provided meet the printer’s specifications. I recommend reviewing proofs of your print before submitting your order, as I cannot reimburse for what is perceived to be a poor print.

If your printed materials contain gold foil or other metallic texture – please be advised that not all printers are created equal. I highly recommend that if you want to include gold or other metallic accents in your brand that you invest in foil printing for the best possible quality product. I cannot accept responsibility for the printing quality of a shiny gold texture.

If you plan to invest in large signage or other large printed materials Vector files will be needed, this information is needed prior to beginning design work. While I can provide a file that is scaleable to any size, certain details in highly complex watercolour artwork will be lost during the process.

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